Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Week 3 Workshop

      Week 3 ~Embrace the Art Within Your Heart~

 Wow.. I cant believe it is already week 3 on our art journey together!  I have had so much fun doing the videos although a bit frustrating at times as with any new journey, there is a learning curve and I am thankful always for learning something new and  being able to share with others. This week some  videos have 2 parts and continue on in the next segment and those are marked as such. I think I am getting this down to a science doing all this uploading and tech stuff ( hopefully :)! So anyway.. I hope you enjoy and feel free to post your art work on the wild heart art FB page!!
~Be Wild & Creative Girls~!!

Here are the links for the videos-

Week 1-
Part 2- Textures cont-
Mixed Media- Part 1-
Mixed Media Part 2
there is 1 more video to upload  for the week:) 
Here is one more ( part 1 and 2) for Journaling!!
YAY I got everything going well again for the video uploading!! I will prob do 15 min increments for the workshops to make it all go smoother~ Thanks for your patience everyone!! Enjoy!!!

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