Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Workshop Week 1 Videos For Those Who Registered for the Embrace Worksop

~Embrace the Art Within Your heart Week 1~ There are 3 videos this first week so click on the links 1 thru 3 and Enjoy!!
PS-High energy.. always on the move and hard to stay still as you will notice in one of the

Click Here for Video 1

Click Here for Video 2

Click Here for Video 3

I hope you have fun and enjoy!!
 In love & Faith


  1. Hi Sherri. my emailis

  2. Hi Sherri, just wondering are we able to download the videos for future use too please?

  3. Hi Dee they will be available to watch till December 31st plenty of time to view and go over things again:) But no They cant be downloaded~ sorry.

  4. Well I just finished watching week two videos. They are great. I have so many new ideas. I love learning about the different mediums and how to use them. Now I just need to get started. Mine will probably be a mix of all mediums including fabric. PS how do you get the paint off your hands? Love when you work with your hands and heart.

  5. Thanks so much Brenda and so glad you enjoyed!! Cant wait to see what you create!! I just use a scrub soap... and.... I let you in on a little secret:) I will be doing a set of holiday workshops and one will be making some specialty soaps and candles along with holiday mixed media!! Stay tuned:)

  6. Also someone mentioned that they thought one of the videos were cut off ,either at the beginning or end.. It has had its challenges doing it all myself and running the camera at the same time... it can be a bit hairy at times.. LOL But I assure you that those times where it seems a little "blunt" in viewing either before or after isn't because you have missed anything, just the learning curve of this whole process:) Thanks girls and enjoy this creative journey!!

  7. Hi Sherri

    Unfortunately I am still unable to access the videos.

    I am here on your blog

    If I follow your "Click here for Video 1" link and type in Wildheart1 I get the first video

    If I click on the links that say Click here for Videos 2 and 3 it goes straight to video 1 again and doesn't require a password.

    This means that the links are incorrect. Please can you tell me how I can get to Videos 2 and 3.

    Best wishes