Monday, November 26, 2012

Creating Whimsical Vintage Houses Workshop

~Creating Whimsical Vintage Houses~

Welcome everyone to the workshop!!
 This is such a fun way to create , design and embellish your own beautiful Vintage houses!!
In this workshop you can use items on hand such as ( you will need a canvas to begin) paints, mod podge,scrapbook papers,stamps,pens,markers and embellishments ( lace,ribbon,rub-ons,ephemera ect.

Below you will find the links to the workshops and I will e-mail your passwords ( please keep them to yourselves-Thank you) The" mixed media" videos are what I had taped for the mixed media fall workshop so I decided to incorporate them here as well.
 I am also posting the FB Wild Heart Art Group link here so feel free to join us~ It is a place where we share our work,ideas,questions and thoughts about the artwork created during the workshops:)

Video 2- Intro to backgrounds-
Video 3-(mixed media 1)-
Video 4-(mixed media 2)-

Video 6 -Vintage Holiday House Part 1-
Video 7- Vintage Holiday House Part2-
Video 8- Vintage Holiday House Part3-

~Spring 2013~

**Bonus Video- Whimsical Beach Houses~ 

The supplies used in this video are the same ones you used for the above videos!
The video ran until I was cut off as I never know how much time I have.. you didn't miss anything though... carried into the next segment. At the end to finish off the  canvas I used the big brush pens and Pitt pens to outline any areas that I wanted to highlight:) Here is the finished canvas and thanks so much for joining us!!

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Holiday Mixed Media Workshop

Hello Beautiful Creative Girls!!
Are you ready  for some wonderful holiday mixed media fun?? Lets get started with this first video... it is an intro to the supplies I and fun items will be using for the most part during the workshop.. lots of fun goodies,so here is the link and have a wonderful day!
 Each day you will have  a new video and project to watch and have fun working with !! To access the videos click on this link and I will e-mail you all the password~ this is for your viewing only so please don't share your password:) Enjoy!!

If you have any questions or problems accessing please let me know!! Remember to check your e-mails for the password needed to view the workshop!!

Second Video up~ Part 2 to be posted tomorrow:)

Here is the second part of the Holiday Waves project Video -For some reason it loses focus  at about 10 into it for about a minute and then it goes away~ sorry not sure why but wanted to let you know :)

  Next Segment- Holiday Mixed Media Collage Canvas-
Part 2-

 New Segment- Holiday Journal Part 1

Holiday Journal Part 2-
 (by the way there are 2 #2 videos so just use the one that is the newest- something didn't load right with the first one)

Holiday Journal 3-

I started to do some gift tags on the last video but the camera run out so I will have one more video that will contain some more holiday tags, cards and the handmade paper~ there was more content than i thought!! Enjoy and the last video will be posted this weekend!!
Have Fun!!

***Last 2 videos!! Hope you all have had a great time!! Feel free to post your creative beauties on our Wild Heart Art FB page!!

Holiday Tags and Cards-
 Handmade Paper-

If you have a problem for the videos being separate try the link to the album