Saturday, October 26, 2013

~Creating Beautiful Embellished Vintage Houses~ Bonus Holiday Vintage Houses~

WildHeart Art's 
Creating Embellished Vintage Houses

Creating Vintage Houses is so much fun and I will give you a multitude of creative ideas to embellish these beautiful houses! We will create one very similar to the one shown  and as a bonus workshop video  I have also included  a Holiday Vintage House workshop video! When the workshop opens  on Nov 14th you will find the video links below.

~Supply List~

Canvas or art board- this is 18' x 24' but any other size can also be used
 Asst Collage Papers
Mod Podge
Rub ons
Epoxy stickers ( words,quotes)
 Fabric or Paper Trims
Tim Holtz  small Victorian style metal frames
Tim Holtz  metal keys and metal corners
 Asst Paper Ephemera some with quotes or words
 Big Brush Markers
Pitt Pen- Fine
6-8 "- thin twine
Acrylic Paints
Acrylic or crystal flat back sticky gems
Paint Brushes
*Christmas  papers and ephemera for the bonus video

I look forward to having you join us on Nov 14th!! 
Have fun with the workshop and enjoy this creative process!

Get Ready to be Creative!!
Here is the first group of videos to get you started!
Tuesday the 19th will be the second group of videos and we will be embellishing!

 *They are now uploaded for Tuesday just click on the album link!! Enjoy!!

*Now posted is the last Holiday set of videos! ENJOY and thanks for joining me on the creative journey!
* My video camera was acting up yesterday so even though the videos ended abruptly you didn't miss anything! Maybe its time for a new one!!:)

Saturday, September 14, 2013

WildHeart Art's~ Courage~ On Line Workshop

"Welcome to My Newest On line Workshop ~ Courage~"* I am so happy to have you all join me for this creative and heartfelt workshop! I had created the first canvas and because my daughter( who was soon to leave for college) mentioned that she really liked it ,and was hoping I could make one like it for her to take to college. I was so happy to be able to create something she would enjoy and be able to have with her at college and she could feel  the "Mom love" while she was away! So as you can see there are 2 canvases under the "Courage" style and both are discussed in this videos!

I also created one for this workshop in the same style and technique but gives you another option for creating your "Courage" canvas. I hope you all enjoy this new creative journey and remember 
" Without courage.. there is no growth" .

You will find the workshop videos below and use the password that was e-mailed to you.
( *sorry about the wide angle camera  view on one of the videos!! Its really not that kind of

~In Love and Faith ~

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

~WildHeart Art " What If" Mixed Media On Line Video Workshop~

~WildHeart Art "What If" On-Line Workshop~

Thanks so much for joining us on this artsy fun filled workshop filled with great info and techniques to help you find your "Creative flow MoJo"!! Below you will find links to the workshop, click on the link you would like to view and when you are directed to Vimeo, use the passwords e-mailed to you to access the  videos. I had so much fun creating these canvases and hope you will as well!! Enjoy <3

For those of you looking for some resources to my favorite supplies here is a small list below..
Stencils- Artist Cellar, Julie Balzer 
Donna Downey
Luminarte- Radiant Rain , Silks ( acrylic paints) Twinkling H2O's
 ( beautiful watercolors with mica added for shimmer) 
Dick Blick is  also a great place to purchase art supplies on line.Many things I talked about were purchased there.
"Have A Beautiful & Creative Journey"

For those of you interested I also have a FB group for those who take my workshops to connect with others in the workshops and to share their work if they would like !

Workshop 1
Workshop 2
Workshop 3

Music by Kyrstyn Pixton 
you can purchase her CD here "Embyrs"

Sunday, April 21, 2013

~WildHeart Art~ "Artsy FX- Part 2"

~WildHeart Art~ Artsy FX Part 2~

WELCOME to this fun and unique on line workshop that introduces you to some of my favorite techniques and supplies!! You will have 6 months to view this workshop and there also is a FB group  for those participating in any of WildHeart Art's On line Workshops!

The supplies we will be using can be inter-changable with your favorite brand and most supplies you would prob have on hand except for specialty items we will be using. We will also cover creating your own ink sprays and shimmer mists!

Acrylic Paints( Metallic Paints for the shimmer mists)
Watercolors Asst
Ink Sprays Asst colors
Alcohol Inks Asst colors
Big Brush Pens Asst colors
Mod Podge
Glass Bead medium
Fiber Paste
Collage papers ( handmade papers)
Tissue Paper Asst
Embossed  Collage papers ( I used my Big Kick for embossing)
Ink Sprays
  Embossing Powder
Heat tool
Canvas ( 8x 10) and mixed media papers
Misc stamps and stencils for texture
Ephemera for embellishing

So lets get going and have some fun!! I will be posting 4 videos in the next several days!

 Project 1 -Video 2
 Project 2- Video 3
 Project 3 Video 4-Part 1
 Project 3 Video 4- Part 2
Final Project and Glimmer Mists! 

Enjoy and please let me know if you have any questions!!

Friday, March 15, 2013

WildHeart Art "Tattered Canvas" Mini Workshop~

~ WildHeart Art~

" Tattered Canvas Workshop"

Welcome to this unique online workshop and I am so happy to share this fun technique  with you!! It is very simple but yet offers a 3 dimensional effect and lost of interest!! So let go have some artsy fun!!


Canvas -any size
Acrylic paints ( I like Lumiere and Golden for their sheer qualities but you can use whatever paints you would like or have on hand)
Masking or Painters tape-1/2 " wide
Assorted Stamps or stencils for texture
 Archival Stamp Pad in Black
Liquid Acrylic inks for "dripping"
 Assorted Dylusion Sprays by Ranger

* This supply list is just a general guide as to what i used but please feel free to whatever you would like or have on hand!

 Thanks so much for joining us and have a wonderful creative journey and Enjoy!!
In Love & Faith

WildHeart Art-" Artsy FX Workshop"

~WildHeart Art~ 
"Artsy FX Workshop"

Welcome everyone to this unique and totally loaded with fun workshop!!
I will be showing you some of my favorite techniques for achieving different and unique textures and effects! I am also thinking of offering a Part 2 Workshop for highlighting more of my favorite techniques and new products... and being a "art supply junkie" I have alot of them to share!! So message me and let me know after your finished this workshop, if you would like me to offer a Part 2 and if enough people are interested I can do that too!!

So lets get some "Artsy MoJo" in gear and have some fun!!

Mod Podge
 Modeling Paste 
Bead Gel Medium
"Liquid Pearls" by Ranger
"Dylusions" Sprays by Ranger
"Glimmer Mist" by Tattered Angels( Pop Rocks and Patina)
"Radiant Rain" by Luminarte ( Gold)
Stickles glitter glue by Ranger ( Diamond)
Tim Holtz "Adirondack Alcohol Inks" 
 Tim Holtz Distressed Crackle Paint in "Vintage Photo"
 Tim Holtz Distressed Stain in "Spiced Marmalade" 
"Stickles" Fine Glitter by Ranger
 American Craft ~Sparks Iridescent  Glitter~ "Tinsel"
Art Glitter (assorted fine glitters)
Farber Castell Big Brush Pens ( for shading)
General's Sketch & Wash Pencil for shaded lines
Archival Stamp Pads in Sepia and Black 

Daler-Rowney FW Acrylic Pearlescent Liquid Acrylic Artist's Inks (copper)

Assorted collage paper
The Robins Nest Dew Drops in Assorted colors ( Diamond shape)
Dryer Sheets for texture effects( used)
Assorted stencils and masks
Art board/panel- 6x6
Acrylic paints-Assorted
Stewart Gill- Byzantine metallic fabric paints
Paper towels for background technique

*Forgot to mention the spray ink you can make that will not bleed when working when applying more laters is to combine  equal amounts of Liquitex acrylic drawing inks and equal amounts of water ,mixing together in a spray bottle.

 **Please note that I have used these specific supplies in the workshop but please feel free to use whatever you may have on hand:)

Thanks so much for joining us and please feel to let me know if you have any questions.. I will also be adding you all to our FB group page for 
 ~WildHeart Art mixed media workshops~ where you can post projects from the workshops and meet new artisan friends! Have a wonderful creative journey and would love to see your creations on our FB page!!
~In love & faith~

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Wild Heart Art Stained Glass Effect Workshop

 Wild Heart Art 
Stained Glass Effects Workshop

I am so happy that you all have joined me for the unique and fun workshop!
Below you may click on the links to go to the workshops and use the password e-mailed to you.

~Supply List~

Watercolor Paper- I used  Fabriano  cold pressed 140lb weight
Twinkling H20's- Assorted colors ( will supply colors for those that I have used)
 Ranger "Liquid Pearls"- Copper
General's Sketch and Wash Pencil
Asst paint brushes
Work Fixative for a final sealer

~Work Shop Links~
Part 1-

Part 2

Part 3

Part 5

I hope you have enjoyed this fun creative adventure! Below I have added the colors of the H20's
~ Peach Fuzz~
~Moss Green~
~Bolivian Blue~
  ~Ruby Slippers~
   ~Wine & Roses~
    ~Mango Mamba~
    ~Egyptian Gold~

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Waves of Wisdom Online Mini Workshop

~Wild Heart Art's Waves Of Wisdom Mini Workshop~


I am so happy to have you all here in this new  creative workshop called Waves of Wisdom!
We will be creating mixed media artwork combining collage papers,acrylic paints,stamps,rub ons.. whatever you can come up... you can add!! Creating art is about YOUR creative expression so always cherish your work and remember,,, nothing is written in stone so if you aren't happy with something you have created you can always work through it, work around it or work over it! Its all good and part of the process of creative expression and joy! So enjoy your journey with me and most importantly have fun!!
 *Check out our other on line workshops for some artsy fun!!
*We do carry some awesome supplies in our Creative Art Supply Store and offer FREE shipping!
  Join us at  my FB WildHeart Mixed Media Group at

Collage Papers ( corresponding colors)
Mod Podge
Acrylic Paints
glitter glue
Faber Castell Big Brush Pens
 Letter Stamps 
 Black Ink Pad-( permanent)

Waves of Wisdom-Part 2 ( pending.. should be completed shortly if not accessible yet- it was giving me problems on the vimeo site...:)