Monday, September 8, 2014

New On-Line Workshop~ Pigments of Your Imagination" A Year Long Artsy Journey


Join me for this amazing mixed media art journey,
 combining all my favorite art projects and Pigments of my Imagination!!. Starting on October 1st,this on
 line workshop will be open for 2 years upon registration and during the course of the one year workshop, there will be 12 full art projects plus bonus projects that will keep your Artsy Mojo in high gear! You get to see what I create up front and personal, tips and favorite supplies that I enjoy using for different applications. Each month when the project is posted a supply list will also be included. A FB group will also be accessible for everyone in the workshop to touch base, ask questions and share their work! 

Here's the General Supply List for the year  as well as a specific  supply list at the beginning of each month for the projects.  

Canvases~ Misc sizes
Paints- Acrylics, Gelato watercolors, Paint markers ( Liquitex.Montana) Gesso to prep journal pages
Inks- Dylusion ink sprays or similar, india ink, drawing inks ( Daler -Rowney), ,alcohol inks
 Unique Texture Products- Modeling Paste, Bead Gel Medium, Acrylic Glazing Medium, Fiber Paste,
 Paper-Collage Papers -(Including Christmas designs), tissue paper,  printed napkin tissues ( Joanne’s Crafts carries them)
Glues-  Gel medium, mod podge
 Misc,- Vintage paper ephemera, Tim Holtz metal vintage keys, plates, fun little oddities for the Vintage houses, ribbon trim, washi papers, assorted canvas sizes, journal 8 x 11 1/2 ( Dylusions and Strathmore are my favorites) and PaperClay
Pens & Markers- Faber Castell big brush pens, Signo Uniball white gel pen, assorted Gelly Roll gel pens, Scarlet Lime Uniball black pens ( awesome to draw over anything!!)  you can get these on
This is a basic list of the most used supplies in the next year but there will also be some fun surprises and new additions to this list!
Enjoy and see you soon!!

***Here you Are Girls!!! Enjoy!!**
This first class was a bit of a challenge with new equipment, program and computer  and getting used to it all !!So the next ones
 should be much easier!! Have fun and see you in November!!

Passwords are sent to your e.-mails and please keep them private~ Thank you!

The first letter in the  password is capitalized for those of you who might be having an issue logging in :)

Holiday Victorian Houses
This workshop was created last November and on the 15th I will post this months bonus video project!!! Enjoy!! Same password:)

Hey Girls~ I had taped this months videos and vimeo is having some sort of problem as I cant upload.. so I am offering one of my popular workshops from the spring Artsy FX~ There is allot of content in there so I am sure that should keep you busy until next month!! In the meantime I have a message in to Vimeo so hopefully I can get this months uploaded for a later date then~
 Enjoy and message me for the password when ready!

 Artsy FX


I have a special main project for December as well as another smaller holiday project and hope you enjoy! Hubby and I will take some time at the holidays to go over my video taping situation  since this new camera wont stay focused very well~ I am hoping when the next taping segment comes around in January to have that issue resolved! I wish you all a beautiful Holiday Season and we will resume the workshops for 2015 on January 7th~ Enjoy!!
Password will always be the same for the year  unless I add in another video from another album as I did last month~

WELCOME TO 2015!!!
I hope you all had an amazing Holiday Season and are ready to get some new art energy going!! I have decided I will be offering  both the main project and bonus project together each  month- (mid month- 15th) I think that will be a good way for you all to have a day of artsy fun all rolled into one! We will be starting out the New Year with a wonderful journal project to be followed by with a unique  mark making project! See you soon!!


Happy NEW year girls!! A time to have a fresh clean slate with nothing but beautiful days ahead filled with joy. blessings and creative bliss!! This month I focused on creating a special journal~ A "BlessingWay" Journal and offering some of my ideas for what I will doing in another one of my journals documenting my year. Have fun with this special project and start your new year off with a "blessing"
 The BlessingWay Project

~February ~
February Projects are up!
 Handmade Valentine Envelopes and Tattered Canvas
Link for the Envelope Template

March Projects are up and  I am so happy that I have been able to resolve the camera issues!! Yay so after the first video it then will be the new video camera  in use!
Gelli Print Project
Make Your Mark

Embossing Project 
Lets Play Tag- . Just realized the first video was downloaded twice... sorry..  its fixed now with videos 1-2-3!I have 2 groups using this segment so please use the password WHATAGS just for the Lest Play Tag Video:) Enjoy!

Color Inspiration Pages

Quotes for Mays Project
These are several pages of quotes I have collected for using in my mixed media~ feel free to use them in your artwork

We are doing Vintage Houses/ Beach Houses for June 
There is a lot of content for this month ~ ENJOY!!!
There is  an Art Supplies and Papers Video ( 2)
 Vintage Houses 1 & 2 and then a finishing up Video ( 3)
Beach Houses, Creating and Embellishing & Its all in the details 1 & 2 ( 4)

Collage Mixed Media Project
Doodle Fun

~August ~
Intuitive Painting

September Wedding Collage Project

We have come to the end of our year long artsy bliss together and I hope you have all enjoyed the projects and videos I  have put together! I have so enjoyed having you all join me and hope you continue to learn and grow and step outside of your comfort zone to find amazing new adventures!! 
Hugs and Best Wishes!!

  What an amazing "Artsy Journey" we will have together over this next year.... new experiences, new techniques and some fun surprises!! 
Thank you for joining me!!


  1. I just received this workshop as a birthday gift. I had it on a list that my family asked me to make up for them. I can't wait to get started!!!

    1. YAY!! So happy you chose my art workshop and are with us Simmone!! Enjoy!!

  2. 1st October is here, just waiting for first lesson to arrive! Can't wait

    1. Hi Angela!! YAY! I am on my way to send everyone their passwords!! Enjoy and so happy to have you with us!!

  3. HI, I have the link and the password....where are the videos? nothing opens up or I'm i to go some where else? Thanks Debi

  4. Nothing opens for me do I get into the vimeo account..I have over 9,000 videos to choose from. Thanks, in advance, Debbye

  5. Please send it to my yahoo email account. Debbye Hicks

  6. I copied and pasted the address in and then added the password and nothing happens. :(

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    1. Can't ge the link to work, so copied and pasted it in, then says the password is not correct? Anyone managed to access the course as I see others are having trouble

  8. HI Girls~ you should be all set now~ just had to activate the link and I have sent you the corrected password~ Enjoy

    1. Mine is still saying the password is incorrect at 9 pm. :(

    2. Capitalize the first letter in the password:)

  9. I also tried to access the course with the password given and it does not work! :(

  10. I also just tried to access the course with the password given and it does not work.

  11. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Capitalize the first letter in password girls:)

  12. I bought this workshop for myself as a birthday present. I love Sherri's work. I've bought a couple pieces of her jewelry and adore them. And her mix-media is outstanding. And no, she didn't pay me to say this. I am pretty much a beginner on this wonderful path we are taking together. Cathe Ekas

    1. So happy you are enjoying Cathe!! Happy Birthday and have fun creating!!

  13. hi Sherry what is the password for Nov.

  14. Hi Sherry, can you please send me the password for the workshop for December, thanks

  15. Tina and Angela you should have your passwords now :)

  16. Hey Girls~ Happy Holidays!! December's Awesome New Main project and a fun little smaller project is posted now!! ENJOY!!

  17. January Part 1 is now posted.. Part 2 tomorrow:) Enjoy!!

  18. February Projects are now posted! Enjoy!!:)

  19. Unfortunately someone in the workshop said the workshop wasn't as was advertised and wanted her money back.. I was willing to offer her a credit to my website for the remaining money as my policy is no cash refunds, but she opted out take it farther and posted a claim on Pay Pal against me... the claim was decided in my favor and Pay Pal didn't feel that I misrepresented the workshop in anyway... She made a huge deal out of this and unfortunately you cant please everyone~ There is still 7 months left of this year long workshop so I find it strange that she would say that the workshop isn't as advertised.... it isn't even halfway through and there is a lot more wonderful art projects to create!! Hope that the rest of you have enjoyed so far!

  20. Good Morning Girls!! I was hoping to finish up and post this months workshops this weekend but had a family emergency. I will finish them up tomorrow and have them ready to view tomorrow evening~ Sorry~
    PS~ we will be dong Gellie Plate Prints!! :)

  21. March's Videos are now up! Enjoy as we create prints using a Gelli Plate and then a fun project with them! Also "Make Your Mark" project for unique mark making ideas!

  22. April Videos are now up!! Have fun and Enjoy!!

  23. Our last video is posted~ thank you all for joining me and have a beautiful art filled adventure always!